Spanish verb conjugation

Find here conjugations of more than thousand Spanish regular and irregular verbs...

Do you speak Spanish? ¡Es fácil! helps you improving your Spanish language skills. Learn conjugations of regular and irregular verbs and get more insights on Spanish grammar issues. Practise your Spanish skills with our online exercises.

General Spanish grammar

Do you already know the Spanish alphabet? Can you count in Spanish? ¡Es fácil! offers a lot of information on Spanish grammar. Learn about word stress, numbers, time, days, weeks and more. Knowledge about grammar is needed to be able to understand and speak a language properly. Also it is an absolute requirement to understand grammar principles in written communication.

Spanish verbs

The verb forms an essential basis for the construction of a sentence. ¡Es fácil! gives a hand in learning Spanish verbs. Are you a beginner? Read more about the basis of Spanish verb conjugation by learning the present tense of regular verbs and some frequently used irregular verbs. Are you more advanced? Read more about verbal moods and tenses like the subjunctive mood.

Where is Spanish spoken?

Spanish is also called Castillian (castellano). This world language is spoken in Spain, but also in a lot of countries in Latin America including, Mexico, Argentina and Colombia. Also in a lot of countries Spanish is a second language: e.g. the southern part of the USA.