The best way to learn a language is to practise. Besides conjugation tables and information on Spanish grammar and verbs offers online exercises.


The verb is a crucial part in a sentence. It can express actions in present, past and future. Practise these verbs in two easy to use online exercises.

Practise verbal tenses

Just getting started

This exercise is recommended for beginners. Start by practising regular verbs in the present indicative tense and while progressing switch to irregular verbs in other tenses such as past (préterito) and the future (futuro) tenses.

Practise tenses
Practise random verb forms


Already more advanced? In case you are already comfortable with a variety of regular and irregular verbs, practise them randomly. Choose one or more tenses and a verb category and enter the correct conjugation.

Practise random verbs

Other exercises

Besides verbs you can also practise other aspects of the Spanish language, like: counting or telling the time.

Practise numerals


To tell the time, count numbers and express quantities you need to understand numbers: what time? how much? how many? etc... These are all situations in which you need to have an understanding of numerals and numbers. Learn counting step by step with this online exercise.

Practise counting
Practise telling time

What's the time?

Clock reading would not be a problem, but would you know how to tell the time in Spanish? With this exercise you can practise telling the time in Spanish.

Practise telling the time

Practise more Spanish? provides mainly verbs and grammar, while the real learning happens through listening, speaking and breathing the language and cultures of the Spanish speaking world.

A nice way of learning Spanish is to listen to music in Spanish.

These are some Spanish lyric videos of the Catalan band La Pegatina: